Tina Learns Italian: Mini-Challenge #2

Mini-Challenge #2 of the #Add1Challenge has officially ended!

The goal was to write a minimum of 3 sentences every day for 15 days. I missed one day out of the 15, and that was because I had taken a nap for pretty much an entire Saturday, even after sleeping in. Thanks, stubborn cough that won’t go away! La tosse che non si chiuderà.

I think this mini-challenge happened at just the right time to force me to keep going. I was starting to get a little tired, have a little less motivation, and starting to see my progress plateau. So I went through the grammar and sentences I already know by heart rather quickly. Then I had to pull from Glossika, podcasts, my italki lessons, and other places for some material.

Now that the mini-challenge is done, I’ve thrown all my sentences into my personal Memrise course. I think I’ll treat all the sentences I came up with a bit like Glossika sentences: memorize them forwards, backwards, and sideways, so I can recall them to use as they are… and so I know each part of the sentence and can start changing them around as I speak.

I attribute my grasp (and love) of English grammar on constantly reading books. You start to get an instinct for when something doesn’t look or sound grammatically correct, even if you don’t know why. Hopefully, that can happen with Italian, too.

And at least I know how to let everyone know of my love of LotR in Italian now, too. Il mio film preferito è Il Signore degli Anelli. Qual è il tuo film preferito?



One comment

  1. A la mia insegnante piace molto “Il Signore degli Anelli”! Sono neozelandese, ma non ho visto tutti i film. Forse dovrò adesso!

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