Tina Learns Italian: Mini-Challenge #3


Mini-Challenge #3: Put in as much speaking practice as possible in 14 days.

This one was only really difficult in terms of scheduling. Taking italki lessons and speaking with those tutors is my favorite way to put in some good time on progressing in Italian.

I had 3 or 4 italki sessions with completely new tutors, which was great for getting exposure to unfamiliar speakers. And I finally started getting over my cough, which was super helpful. Something about a brand new tutor just makes my brain work a little bit harder. Different experiences are easier to remember, I suppose.

During mini-challenge #3 I also finally found some native Italian speakers in my city! Speaking to someone face to face is much different than over Skype. I’m not quite sure if it is easier or harder, but I know I need to get together with my new Italian friends as much as they will tolerate me. haha!

Overall, this mini-challenge was sorely needed after my weeks of not being able to speak due to (very annoying) coughing. I thought of it as a study sprint, and I could see my confidence in speaking go up over these two weeks as a result.

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