Tina Learns Italian: To Boldly Go to Day 60

Space, l’ultima frontiera!

When Assignment #3 (make a short, fun video in your target language) of the #Add1Challenge was given, I wanted to do something different from my other videos. One challenger made a video of her dog obeying commands in German, one discussed a children’s book about animals in Chinese, and a few others featured their cats in various languages.

Well, my Day 60 video featured some school horses I’ve been riding and l’anatomia del cavallo… And one of the example assignments included a Doctor Who scene dubbed into another language. So I deviated from the animal theme for this one, and decided to dub a Star Trek: TOS scene into Italian! (I would have gone with Doctor Who, but didn’t want to totally copy the idea. Haha!)

I went with a short conversation (read: argument) between Spock and Bones involving Tribbles. (How can you leave Tribbles out when you’re discussing The Original Series?! You can’t.) I also threw in a translation of the opening monologue, just for fun. So now, when someone says, “Space..” I can respond with “l’ultima frontiera!”

Making these two videos was fun. So the lesson here is, if you can’t remember vocab… make fun videos about it! Like translating a conversation involving Tribbles, or discussing the parts of a horse while standing in front of a horse. Yay for deviating from routines!

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