Tina Learns German: My Adventures in Foreign Language #2

My family’s first Big Family Vacation since my parents came to visit me in London has officially been planned for May, 2018. We’ll be staying in Rome for one week and Vienna for one week…. Which means it is the perfect time for me to double down on my Big Scary Goal: 3 by 30.

Speak 3 foreign languages by the time I turn 30 years old.

I currently have 3 years and 3 months.

I’m still working on my Italian, and hoping that a week in Rome will really cement some things I’ve been working on.

Now, it’s time to really start learning German.

After a few false starts of studying on my own, I realized that committing to spending time with a native speaker was the only way I could really get going. So, armed with a few memories of listening to German with Jenny, a chapter of Benny Lewis’s Hacking German, and an hour of Duolingo, I jumped into German lessons on italki.

So far, I think my German has a half-American, half-Italian accent.

Italian was a fantastic choice of first foreign language for me, given my minimal background in Spanish. It gave me the tools and the growth mindset I need to jump headfirst into the (to me) much more difficult German language. So instead of becoming frustrated, I’m eager to make mistakes and stumble through attempting to make those guttural sounds.

First Impressions

After speaking with three different native German speakers on iTalki, I’ve answered more than one question with “si” instead of “ja.”

Normal-speed Native speakers are still mostly incomprehensible.

Conjugation is downright easy. (I’m not even close to worrying about cases yet.)

German sounds beautiful.

I’m excited to continue my journey!


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