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My Parents Arrive in London Or, My Brief Time as a Tour Guide


Family selfie on our walking tour of Westminster. You can tell dad’s really getting into the tourist spirit.

I had a few days between the last day of my internship and when I picked my parents up at Heathrow. I met them at the Heathrow tube station and we dragged all their stuff to their hotel as I navigated. It was really good to see them again after 4 months away – and its always fun when they both have to rely on me to get around. haha.IMG_2396

Gotta love how my parents get to the UK and I go from hostels to Hilton gold member executive lounges. That executive lounge sure came in handy with the free breakfast and dinner-time snacks. (I was particularly fond of the scrambled eggs & toast.)

IMG_2321My schedule of touristy things to do kept us occupied as I took them to see the V&A museum, the poppies at the Tower of London, St. Dunstan-in-the-East, and signed us up for Sandeman’s free walking tour of London (Westminster). It was the most walking I had done since my Italy adventure, and my chance to say goodbye to my temporary home.

We also got to meet up with Amie for a Westminster Abbey service. What a priceless last evening with a precious friend! Between the breathtaking Westminster choir and the incense that was breathtaking in an entirely different way (my scarf smelled of incense until I got back to the States), I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget that service.

It was a fun final few days, and I’m pretty sure I exhausted my parents. Oops? We didn’t get through everything I had planned, but I count it a success that mom and dad had the public transportation mostly figured out by the time we left.

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A Day in Richmond Park

At the end of September I finally got out to Richmond Park. Amie and I met at Westminster and took the tube out there together. The weather actually managed to cooperate perfectly! We only got hit with a little bit of mist on our way back into central London.

After starting to feel a bit closed in to a concrete jungle for the last few weeks, it was refreshing to get out to the large open areas in Richmond. We walked – and may or may not have gotten slightly turned around – though a lot of green space which may or may not have actually been part of the park, but was lovely all the same!

The cafe-within-a-greenhouse was great. Leafy plants were hanging over – and touching – our table from almost every angle. My cake was delicious. At this point in my London adventure, I think my blood is 50% tea, so I feel confident in my taste-of-tea-judging, and the blend I had was excellent.

My favorite part though, were the MASSIVE deer in Richmond Park itself. They were huge. And everywhere. And not near as afraid of humans as I expected them to be. I guess that’s what happens when they aren’t hunted.

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