Tina Learns Italian

Ciao a tutti!

After visiting Italy in 2014, I decided I wanted to learn Italian. I had a few false starts in 2015 before I found Benny and his Fluent in 3 Months website, as well as the #Add1Challenge. I joined A1C13 in January 2016, and was able to complete a 30-minute Italian conversation after just 90 days.

I was hooked, and even though I take breaks here and there, I’ve never been able to let it go.

My end goal is to become fluent at a B2 level.

I started blogging about my language learning after day 30 of that first 90-day challenge. All my posts tagged with “Tina Learns Italian” are here.

My day 30 video is here! My day 90 video is here!

List of Favorite Italian & General Language Resources