I’m Not Homeless!

20140525_170508After extending my hotel stay an extra night, emailing (way too many) flat owners and agents, 20140525_103438and some  stress due to making a decision about which option to choose in such a short period of
time, I managed to put a deposit down on a flat! It is a tiny room with a set of shelves and a bed, but it is in a really nice neighborhood. The view out my window is directly into the cute little front courtyard, a nice school is literally the next building over, the whole flat was recently refurbished, and the kitchen is extremely cute with a new tile backsplash.

This is the first time I have ever signed a lease. My first lease is in a foreign country. Sometimes I don’t feel like this is real! I graduated, turned 23, moved to a different country, and signed my first lease in the same month.



“Home isn’t a place, its a feeling”
― Cecelia Ahern

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