4th of July in England

It should have been predictable since the 4th of July is my second favorite holiday (right after Christmas of course!) but spending Independence Day in England made me feel homesick for the first time since I left the States. Especially when I’m hearing updates from home about how great the weather and the pool are… And that I was missing the watermelon.

Still, I stubbornly wore red, white, and blue all day. This meant a red, white, and blue shirt, jeans, a blue cardigan, and red TOMS to work…. And wearing my “Bless Your Heart and the USA” tank to the 4th of July party at an American-themed club I went to with another American friend (plus two honorary American-for-the-day friends). The pizza that was almost as big as I was (that I’m still not sure how three of us ate by ourselves) helped with the homesickness. As well as the American flags everywhere.

We can’t forget listening to my 4th of July playlist on Spotify for three days straight. One of my American co-workers brought in some cookies and strawberries to celebrate, and the weather cooperated nicely all day. All in all, not too bad for spending the day in the country we won our independence from… Even if I was disappointed about the serious lack of fireworks.

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