The Last Day of My Internship Adventure

I’m really, really glad I took this internship. It has definitely been one of my best decisions in life so far. Who would have thought I could land in a foreign country by myself, with only a few nights’ stay at a hotel booked, and managed to feel at home in just a few months?

I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated. Zero. I had no real job experience for anything that sounded remotely rewarding. However, I knew I wanted to travel, and I figured I should at least have something to put on my resume if I was going to use up all my savings for an adventure.

So I found a program that got me an interview with FlatClub. First interview for a London-based company, and I had an internship! The Visa paperwork, while tedious and involving a drive to OKC for fingerprinting, went through without a hitch. I had a stressful first few days after I landed at Heathrow while I found a room in a flat to rent, but I only had to extend my hotel stay by one night, so I was moved in and very relieved when I got on the tube to head to work the first morning of my internship.

The people in the office were all super friendly. I got along with my boss and the other full-time employees. I quickly got so used to the tube system I could get to work with my feet on autopilot. The company worked out of a fantastic coworking space, which got my feet wet in the coworking world. I had a lot of ideas for blogs to write, and a list of ideas from my boss, and so I started writing.

I was tasked with scheduling tweets, and before long I was also scheduling Facebook posts as well. I decided I had a lot of ideas for their Pinterest page, so I got to work with my blogs and making a few simple images and realized… This was a lot of fun. So, my content marketing internship that I really just kind of fell into ended up helping me realize what I wanted to do when I got back stateside.

So on my last day as the content marketing intern, I put my Canva skills to use one more time and created my end-of-internship presentation. Then, we all went out for some drinks to say goodbye. So thanks, FlatClub. I learned a lot about myself, traveling, coworking, and marketing in 4 months. It was fantastic.



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