The view from outside Edinburgh castle.

One day I am going to run away to Scotland forever – though I think I might need a vacation home somewhere else for when I get tired of the cold. Not sure I could live so far north year-round.

Both times I have been in Scotland, I spent most of my time in Edinburgh (I’d love to take a few weeks or a month to just wander around the entire country, though). Once our little traveling circus got off the train and got a taxi to our little rented apartment – on the Royal Mile! perfect tourist location – we headed out to explore and find dinner. It was windy and cold, of course, so I got to use the coat I just bought a few days prior in York.

Before arriving I had planned on making it to the top of Arthur’s Seat for the second time. With the weather heralding the start of winter, mom and dad, unfortunately, did not want to climb Arthur’s Seat. I admit, it was a bit colder and windier than the first time I had gone up it (I was wearing a t-shirt). Dad and I did hike up for a few minutes, which gave us a great view for picture-taking. I love being able to see the sea from various points in Edinburgh, and then turn around and see the rest of the city.

A picture of me taking pictures.

Once again, Dad and I did a bit more walking around in Edinburgh than mom. The second day we sat in Starbucks and walked through a few really, really gorgeous churches until the rain stopped, skipping the first free walking tour scheduled for the morning. Once the weather had improved from downright miserable to just cold and windy, we joined the huge IMG_2626group of tourists waiting for the next Sandeman’s tour. Our guide was entertaining (as they all usually are), and as I was attempting to pay attention to him and keep an eye on dad at the same time…. I lost dad.

He (and a few others from the group) had stopped to take a picture while the rest of the (rather large) group crossed the street. By the time he looked up, the traffic lights had changed and he and the others with him had to wait until they could cross. By the time they had crossed…. we had taken a sharp right turn into a dark narrow alley. So, I paid a bit more attention to where he was after that. I also voted him Most Likely to Get Left Behind on Family Vacations. Due to taking pictures, of course.

Losing family members and cold rain paired with violent gusty winds aside, Edinburgh is still one of my favorite places to visit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen architecture in person quite like what you see around the Royal Mile. The ease of escaping the buildings to the complete wilderness of the area encompassing Arthur’s Seat is undoubtedly part of it’s appeal as well.

No matter how much time we spent walking around the city, I could not get over the architecture. All of the stonework is stunning, and I will forever love colorful shop fronts.

“Adventure is worthwhile.” – Aristotle

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