Tina Learns Italian: The #Add1Challenge


So, after going to Italy in 2014, I attempted to learn Italian on and off for most of 2015. I bought some books, took a few tutoring sessions on iTalki.com, and loved them… Then my computer decided to be super slow, I started working on The Bridge, went on a work trip for a trade show, had a few colds, got a dog, and I forgot about my language learning.

Then in January I found, applied, and was accepted to the #Add1Challenge community. The goal is to have a 15 minute conversation with a native speaker COMPLETELY IN YOUR TARGET LANGUAGE (in my case, Italian) after 90 days of study and practice. I have a mastermind group to keep myself accountable and motivated, and a study group to actually work on the same language with at the same time.

It’s a big goal. But I’m determined that #TinaLearnsItalian will be successful, thanks to the support of the #Add1Challenge.

I’m updating my travel blog with my language learning activities because I will also be traveling to Italy in June! I’m determined to have at least a few short conversations while I’m there – maybe one of my AirBnB hosts will talk with me for a few extended minutes. I feel pretty accomplished already!

Resources (that I’ve used thus far):
Michel Thomas: Italian
iTalki tutors and exchange partners
Add1Challenge community

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