When One Has 6 Hours to Kill in Boston

Kate and I had possibly the longest travel day I’ve ever experienced on our way to Heathrow, as we were trying to save on airfare. So it meant we had some unavoidable layover time… the longest of which was in Boston. I don’t believe I had ever been to Boston before, and since we were in an incredibly small and boring terminal of the airport… I decided to see what we could possibly get up to with our backpacks and some public transportation. 13310483_10206583893063202_956201012420799792_n

We sorely needed some fresh air and time away from other tired terminal travelers. I found an easy route from the airport shuttle to the Boston subway station, with the help of an information desk and tourist map. From there, some cheap short-term tickets got us a few stops away to what appeared to be somewhere close to downtown and out into the sunlight.

We walked out to a harbor that was full of people and spent a little while wandering aimlessly before parking ourselves on a bench that had a great view. We did still have our heavy backpacks with us, after all. Just sitting in the breeze did a world of good.

So, if you’re ever stuck in the Boston airport for an inordinate amount of time… Getting a map and subway ticket will be worth it.

Much happier campers with fresh air!

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